Founded 2016


Feral Affairs Network (FAN) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization helping address the overpopulation of community, or feral, cats in the Hampton Roads region of Southeastern Virginia.

Our goal is to trap, neuter (and vaccinate) and return feral cats to their home environment while providing support to the community caretakers who feed and look after the colonies. Ultimately, our work results in happy, healthy and safe communities for cats.

The FAN volunteer team works to reduce the overpopulation and suffering of community cats. Through our work, we also provide much-needed relief to overcrowded municipal animal shelters and easing taxpayer burdens.

During trap, neuter, and return (TNR) projects, we often come across kittens or friendly —usually abandoned— adult cats capable of socialization through our foster home care program. They can then be made available for adoption. Foster and adoption, in combination with TNR, further reduces the number of community cats on the streets. It prevents stray kittens and cats from entering shelters, giving them a chance to live their lives safely— indoors.

All our adoptable cats and kittens are spayed or neutered, fully vaccinated, and tested for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) and Feline Leukemia (FeLV) before receiving approval for adoption. 100% of the adoption fees and donations go toward saving cats and kittens from lives of despair.

While remaining dependent on us for food, some cats are more comfortable keeping their distance from humans. Socialization is not always an option for these felines. To help these community cats, FAN developed a relocation program called “Career Cats.” We match semi-friendly cats with barn homes, creating a mutually beneficial “working” relationship between the felines and their new caretakers.

FAN Officers and Board of Directors

Vaida Moore – President, Executive Director
Sheila Hall – Vice President, Treasurer, Director of Adoptions
Cleriece Whitehill – Secretary, Director of Community Outreach
Michelle Keith, Director of TNR Operations
Chandler Scarborough, Director of Development

FAN is Vegan

Integrity of thought and action are important guiding principles in FAN’s mission. We believe that animals are NOT here as a resource for our needs. We also feel it is wrong to inflict unnecessary suffering on animals.

In compassionate allegiance with ALL animals, and with our many friends in animal rescue, FAN supports the Food for Thought Campaign. We don’t serve animal-derived products at our functions or events. This includes our fundraising efforts.

Simply put: We don’t hurt animals to help animals. Though our focus centers on helping community cats, our compassion extends to all animals. This belief system guides our policies and practices. Making the easy choice to serve only vegan food helps extend our impact globally.

Our Mission

Hampton Roads region of Southeastern Virginia

  • To care for and to reduce the suffering and unnecessary euthanasia of feral (community) cats through trap, neuter, and return (TNR).
  • To coordinate low-cost spay/neuter and other veterinary services.
  • To provide cat food, shelter, and other related supplies for the cats in our care.
  • To foster, socialize and provide veterinary care for kittens and friendly adult cats, preparing them for adoption.
  • To educate communities about the value of TNR— both ethically and financially.
  • To provide community cat caretakers with financial and logistical support for continued TNR efforts.


FAN’s network of dedicated volunteers work every day to help community cats live better lives. Our tasks include:

—Trapping feral cats
—Transporting cats to our holding facility
—Transporting cats to vet appointments
—Returning cats to their colonies
—Arranging for colony caretakers
—Evaluating friendly stray cats
—Caring for mama cats and their litters of kittens
—Fostering cats to prepare them for new homes
—Supporting fosters with supplies and advice
—Working with local adoption centers like the fabulous Catnip Cat Cafe to provide potential adopters with a chance to meet our kitties
—Fielding hundreds of emails a month from concerned community members requesting assistance with cats in their neighborhood
—Slogging through administrative work
—Screening prospective adopters
—Organizing fundraisers
—Coordinating photo shoots to document cats and kitten ready for adoption
—Preparing social media posts

Since our incorporation in 2016, FAN has TNR’d thousands of community cats in the Hampton Roads region of Southeastern Virginia, providing vaccines, food and shelters to these feline colonies. We’ve also fostered and socialized thousands of kittens and adults, finding loving homes for them. We’ve relocated feral cats to safe areas with dedicated caretakers, providing veterinary care for those who were injured or sick. We continuously supplied cat food and shelters for community cat caretakers in need. We’ve educated people on the benefits of TNR, helping them get involved in efforts in their own communities.

And we’ve provided excellent rodent control with our “Career Cat” program.