Want to see Feral Affairs Network’s current adoptable cats and kittens?

We’re located in the Hampton Roads region of Southeastern Virginia.

Thinking of Adoption?

You popped into Norfolk VA’s Catnip Cat Cafe (or skimmed Petfinder or AdoptAPet) and fell in love with a cat or kitten. Or maybe you read through this site and decided you can’t live without a new furry friend in your life. Either way, you feel ready to adopt with us. Wonderful! Let’s get you started on the path to feline friendship and happiness.

FAN’s Adoption Guarantee

You’d probably love to know what you get with your new cat (besides years of endless love and cuddles).

No problem!

Our Adoption Coordinator works to ensure that you (and your family) find the perfect cat (or cats!) for your household. We want your chosen kitties to be happy and healthy in their forever home.

And to reassure YOU, all  of our cats and kittens are:

  • Spayed (female) / neutered (male)
  • Vaccinated (rabies & FVRCP/distemper)
  • Tested for FIV & FeLV
  • Dewormed & parasite-free (they receive dewormer & flea prevention)
  • Provided with any additional veterinary visits they may need for health conditions that arise
  • Conveyed to you with all medical records at the time of adoption

Adopting with FAN

While we know you’re eager to bring a cute cat home (who isn’t?), we have a few important steps to go through first.

Don’t worry; they’re not terribly complicated.

  • APPLICATION: Complete the Adoption Application. Once you click “Submit,” we’ll follow up with an email including further instructions, such as scheduling a call with our Adoption Coordinator. (That’s when the fun starts!)
  • MEET-N-GREET: During your call, we’ll set up a time for you and your selected kitty (or kitties) to spend time together, in their foster home, at our Rescue Sanctuary or local partner, Norfolk, VA’s Catnip Cat Cafe. We’ll also review our Adoption Policies.
  • CONTRACT: If we both feel this is a perfect match, the adoption will proceed. You’ll complete and sign a contract, pay the adoption fee*, and bring your new kitty home!

For more, see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Adoption Questions & Answers.

Please remember: adopting a pet is a lifetime commitment.
Your new cat will need your constant love and care.

Ensure you’re prepared before clicking that button.

Why do we ask for an adoption fee?

Feral Affairs Network (FAN) is a wholly volunteer-run, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and we depend entirely on donations to fund our operations. We take on significant expenses to provide our cats and kittens with the best possible care, including spay/neuter surgeries, vaccines, food, shelter, and other veterinary care. To help defray at least some of these costs, we request an adoption fee, money that acts as a donation to help support the FAN mission to reduce the suffering and unnecessary euthanasia of feral (community) cats through trap-neuter-return (TNR).