Cat Rescue – Behind The Scenes

Prepare to be bored. Like, really bored. Spreadsheet bored.​Behind our Instagram feeds and Facebook posts, there are some surprising - but perhaps less than thrilling - gears turning to get community kitties into traps and loving forever homes. There is logistics, and...

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Newport Avenue – Full Circle TNR

Some trap-neuter-return (TNR) projects go on for many months, and the Newport Avenue project was one of them. Interruptions may occur, but FAN’s dedicated trappers do NOT like to leave cats behind! In July of 2020, a Norfolk community member reached out to FAN about...

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Suffolk Trailer Park Project

Saving A Feral Colony From Demolition  By Kelly Flanagan - Fan Volunteer: It all started with three cats. Three unaltered cats had been abandoned in a trailer home when their guardians moved away. Left on their own, the cats had many litters of kittens that were never...

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Xena Michelle, Warrior Kitten

Tiny Xena Michelle was a mess when she was rushed to our Foster Mom Genevieve in May. Xena was rescued from a water-filled ditch in Franklin, VA by an extraordinary 10-year-old girl named Jakaylah. Weighing only 200 grams, Xena Michelle had a terrible infection which...

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Simon’s Rescue Story

Three Abandoned new-born kittens cried out from under a parked car It was late April when a friend, KJ, called FAN volunteer, MK, and asked for help with a mama cat and three kittens she had seen in her neighborhood. The new-born, tabby kittens were heard crying from...

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