Volunteering with Feral Affairs Network (FAN) means you are part of an amazing group of people in our community who are pro-actively helping homeless cats through trap-neuter-return (TNR)!

Be a Foster: Our FAN Foster parents provide temporary homes, love, care and socialization skills to the many kittens and cats who come our way.

Be a Rescuer/Trapper: The core of FAN’s important –and incredibly rewarding– work of trapping community/feral cats is the “T” in TNR. Help alleviate the cycle of suffering so may kitties endure.

Be a Transporter: Volunteers are needed weekly to simply transport cats to and from clinics for spay/neuter or other veterinary care.

Be a Champion: Fundraising, medical volunteer, record-keeping and data-crunching, photographer, social media, and more.

Volunteer Application

Volunteering can take as little or as much of your time as you can give.

There are endless ways you can help, and the rewards are innumerable!

Contact us now to inquire about volunteering with FAN.

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