OUR CAT Statistics

Annual Cat Statistics: OUR IMPACT
Hampton Roads region of Southeastern Virginia

2023 YTD (AUG) –  Live Release Rate  = 96.85%
Total Cats Saved = 771

2022 –  Live Release Rate  = 96.54%
Total Cats Saved = 1,311

2021 –  Live Release Rate  = 89.50%
Total Cats Saved = 1,297

2020 – Live Release Rate = 99.18%
Total Cats Saved = 623

At Feral Affairs Network (FAN), we believe public access to key data is vital to the success of our organization. Our numbers tell where we’ve been, where we are, and where we are going.

2022 saw a marked uptick in Live Releases & successful TNRs

2021 saw a nearly 110% increase over cats saved in 2020

We believe in transparency, and the best way to tell you (our community) what we are doing is to post our statistics and lifesaving percentage here on our website. You will be better able to make the decision to support us and to become volunteers, fosters, donors and/or adopters.

Each adoption and donation (and other interaction with you) brings us closer to fulfilling our mission. FAN is saving the lives of homeless, unwanted, sick, and injured cats by working with our community, i.e., networking (it’s in our name!), to provide feline expertise and life-saving programs and services for people and cats.

Our goal is to have a positive impact —over time— on cat homelessness and overpopulation.