Paul & Emily’s Suffolk TNR Success

By Anita Bradley, FAN Volunteer —

Paul & Emily called Feral Affairs Network (FAN) after seeing our Community Outreach Director, Cleriece Whitehill, explaining FAN’s mission on local Channel 13.

The family recently bought a home in Suffolk VA, surrounded by cornfields. They became aware of a Mama and three kittens on the property and wanted to help control the population, but wanted to keep the cat family outdoors. They contacted FAN; and the whole family, including children, Zoey, Zachary and Zuri, helped with setting and monitoring the traps.

Within a week, we had trapped and scheduled vet appointments for all the cats. Mama and the three kittens were neutered and returned to their outside home. Paul built a lean-to for additional shelter, and FAN supplied altered tubs filled with straw to serve as the cats’ new home.

Paul reports, “We are extremely grateful for Feral Affairs Network!! The work they do is tremendously hard but very rewarding. Their willingness to serve all of Hampton Roads is truly a testament to their passion for caring for cats. My wife and kids have named the mamma cat Snowbell, and the kittens, Hershey, Hugs, and Kisses.”

Many thanks to Paul, Emily, Zoey, Zachary, and Zuri for your compassion and willingness to work along side us to help community cats. Thanks to Paul & his family, we are happy to report another TNR success story!