Volunteer Spotlight – December, 2020 ​ Dennis and the Garage Sanctuary Remodel – Finally Complete!

FAN’s main space for after-surgery recovery and holding cats, fondly referred to as “The Garage,” has been at the center of our rescue operations for years, but without insulation it was impossible to air condition properly. We put out requests for help, and our generous fans responded with monetary donations, materials and skills. We especially want to thank friend of FAN, Dennis, who donated his time every Saturday for about two months assisting contractor Jay Scott installing insulation, paneling and electrical outlets. Dennis is actively engaged in cat rescue and had reached out to FAN for assistance with a feral colony he was caring for. FAN worked with Dennis and his wife to arrange spay/neuters for his much loved colony and to re-home the cats to safer locations.

Thank you, Dennis, for your big heart and willing spirit!